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  AICOT Data Center Application Design

Mission critical processes need a power system that is cleaner and more reliable than what a typical utility can provide. AICOT Critical Power products and design achieve power availability of up to 99.9999%, the equivalent of just seconds of downtime per year, by providing immediate UPS backup power and power switching solutions, while reducing disturbances on the system.

Application Example: Data Center

Delivering outstanding experiences

Aicot use extensive global experience, we help our clients meet the customer demands for proactive support, social engagement and mobile customer care. We are sharing our expertise and innovation through host-based and on-demand omni channel models to deliver exceptional customer experiences that drive growth and profitability.


Advisory Services

 With our extensive industry expertise, Aicot’s advisory services help you improve your internal IT operations, optimize your business results and enhance your customers’ experiences. We do this through a thorough analysis of your current operations, mapping your customer journey and exploring use of service channel strategies and associated tools that capitalize on the latest service processes and technologies. We then provide you with recommendations that focus on revenue optimization, customer effort planning, and improving total cost of ownership and net promoter scores – all backed by a sound business case. Because our primary offering is service delivery, we know what works and what doesn’t. As such, the benefit of working with Aicot advisory services is that we won’t make recommendations for your business unless we know they can be delivered…and we’ll put the full force of our engagement services to the test to ensure they are delivered.


Insight Services

The foundation of our knowledge sharing is the ability to turn business intelligence into an intelligent strategy for your business. Aicot’s insight services provide business reporting and proactive decision support to facilitate the formation of unique business insights and real-time decision making capabilities. Unique social insights provide a greater understanding of the evolving customer experience and our data warehouse provides the foundation for business analytics capability. Through the careful analysis of multiple data sources, we can help you to identify opportunities to improve business effectiveness and optimize the customer experience.



Data center & Cloud Services

Aicot cloud services provide a hosted environment that enables you to overcome the limitations of legacy systems and contact management applications.  Our intelligent desktop application, automation solutions and turnkey contact center infrastructure services are cost effective and on demand. These turn-key cloud services facilitate the quick launch of new products and services through rapid deployment, reduced training needs and streamlined agent interactions. And what’s more – you only pay for what you use.



Premium IT Technical Support

Aicot Premium Technical Support (PTS) offers a robust delivery platform to monetize “out-of-scope” contacts by offering customers support.

      With the Premium Technical Support solutions Aicot is creating revenue that can be shared with our clients, converting cost centers into solid revenue stream.



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