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A few words about our IT outsourcing services

What we do

Our focus is establishing and supporting dedicated software development teams for our customers. We have gained trust and credibility among our customers by ensuring a very smooth outsourcing software development process and by making it productive. We offer a particular set of services such as Software Development Teams, Web Development, Mobile Development and Software Application Development.

What We Do

Who we help

Any search stops when it comes to choosing outsource software company as a provider. The proof to this point is the success stories of our previous and current customers who have found their own benefits by cooperating with Aicot teams. Many satisfied clients are willing to share their experience with happy clients to be. We have provided ssuccessful outsourcing software services for our customers and have gained a grateful and committed attitude back.

Who We Help

Who we are

Direct management of teams, transparent prices, consulting and talented software developers especially for you - these are some benefits you are getting while working with us. But what really makes us different from any other similar it outsourcing services company is our set of core values that shape our company and make us competitive on the market

Who We Are


Outsourcing to manage the issues of change.


Day-to-day IT support


Best practice IT service management provides a framework through which we can continually measure and improve the service we deliver, and the value it renders to our customers. We are focussed on delivering a service that facilitates the outcomes our customers want, without the risk and cost of ownership.


There for your business 24/7/365


Ensuring that your business IT is intelligently supported and properly managed by experts 24/7/365 is a core part of any successful business strategy. Best practice support ensures that the agreed levels of service are met, applications and infrastructure are robust and secure, and peace of mind is assured with world-class accreditation.


To achieve this, we provide several key services:


  • Request fulfilment: providing users with the power to request and source services and assistance
  • Access management: Controlling identity management, confidentiality, availability and integrity of data and intellectual property
  • Problem management: minimising problems (the cause of incidents), eliminating recurring problems, and minimising the impact of problems that cannot be prevented
  • Proactive monitoring: detecting early signs of malfunctions, alerting support staff
  • Incident management: resolving unplanned interruptions as fast as possible to prevent damage to business operation


We work with a niche group of dynamic mid-market businesses led by driven, goal-focused leaders, who depend on their strategic agility to stay one step ahead in an uncertain marketplace. But for these ever-evolving businesses, managing the issues associated with change can be a huge drain on their strategic focus.

We know that the margin for error is zero: all decisions, changes and mistakes made profoundly affect every part of the organisation.


Turning risk into opportunity

Because we share the belief in pushing harder and expecting better, we are focussed on delivering IT services designed around the legacy, stress points and ambitions of your business. Whether undergoing a merger, launching a new strategy or preparing for investment, outsourced IT services deliver the outcomes your business needs to move forward with confidence.

To respond to all these issues and more, we offer expert guidance that sees from your perspective, using carefully assessed technology from world-class technology partners.