Our Products and Service

   CPU cooling solution from Cooler Master, Thermaltake & Corsair. 


 Bay device for accurate temperature monitoring and internal fans controllers.

Servers  :-

Aicot provides support on world class server from HP, Dell, IBM, Fujitsu, ACER, Sun etc. Aicot support and provides world class infrastructure support.

Managing customers TIER 1, II, III, IV data centers, Microsoft Server 2008,2012, Dymanics, CRM, ERP, Cloud solution, Exchange, Lync, VOIP, CCTV, Biometric, Security check point, turn tiles, Payment gateways, SCCM, Firewall etc.



 Bring your multiple machines accessible and have control on all rack servers in one go...

KVM over IP Access :-

All customers can request a KVM over IP session to their server at anytime and for an additional £ 10/Month we offer a permanently connected KVM over IP session.

Hardware Firewalls :-

A dedicated hardware firewall is available as an option on all of our dedicated servers, they can help prevent brute force attacks and enable you to lock down exploitable port ranges on your dedicated server. We use exclusively Cisco ASA firewalls and these start from just £ 50/Month.

Operating Systems :-

Aicot  operates an automated operating system PXE system, allowing customers to request free reloads of CentOs, Fedora and Windows 2008 Server, 2012. In addition to this we can offer other operating systems including Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD and we are even able to supply VPS platforms such as VMWare.

Control Panels :-

We can pre-install your server with any of the following optional control panels:

cPanel and WHM - Linux

The cPanel and WHM (WebHost Manager) software package is one of the most popular control panel solutions for web servers automation and administration under Linux operating system. Its Web based interface simplifies administration, management and maintenance roles of a Web server and it offers intuitive, powerful tools that perform essential tasks quickly, easily, and reliably.

Enkompass - Windows

The Enkopass is the most recent Microsoft Windows server-based control panel system from cPanel. Providing full automation and central management over multiple servers across an Active Directory domain, Enkompass makes it easy to control and grow your hosting business

R1 Soft CDP Backups :-

R1Soft CDP Solution is a server software application that enables disk-based data protection and disaster recovery for servers and workstations running Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. CDP Server protects disk volume data using replication and synchronization over the network storing point-in-time snapshots in disk-based storage.
Snapshots consists in a copy of the disk sectors changes. This way synchronization routine between the CDP server and CDP client is carried out swiftly, taking only minutes or less to complete this task, even in volumes large amounts of data.